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download Take A Breath - David Gilmour - Remember That Night (Live At The Royal Albert Hall) (DVD) full album

Label: Columbia - 88697 05340 9 Format: 2x, DVD DVD-Video Country: Australia Genre: Rock Style: Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Symphonic Rock

About Face Remastered Sony Legacy Breathe In the Air Reprise. Ultratop in French. Island Jam. Remember That Night. A Pocketful of Stones.

DVD-2 contains 13 bonustracks including my favorite composition from the Syd Barrett era, Astronomy Domine I miss Syd his voice but David his guitarwork is breathtaking with psychedelic overtones.

As Rick Wright said Bowie made them his own!! This comes highly recommended, more enjoyable than his previous DVD. Excellent value. This is one of the DVDs that got only one chance for me to see it and never played it twice. Why Gilmour had to start his "solo" concert even though Rick Wright was accompanying him at this show with Pink Floyd songs?

I did not check the setlist prior to ordering the DVD but I was disappointed with the Pink Floyd tracks as opening of the show. To me, it seems like David Gilmour was not confident enough to do a concert with his own solo album. I think, David Gilmour should learn a lot from Peter Gabriel who has never looked back on his glorious days with Genesis. See, how Peter has always done with his concert? None of Genesis tune was performed, at all!

He was so confident about his solo albums even though he knew I am pretty sure that when he performed one of Genesis songs the crowd would be extremely happy and made the concert much more successful. But he did not do it. I salute Peter Gabriel on this! Let me put things into perspective. But, have they ever thought that if Gilmour only played his music from his solo albums, would people still praise him?

I am not saying that his solo albums are bad - not at all. But I think his charisma has been built around Pink Floyd. So, there must be plethora of good memories from the past that surround listeners experience watching this DVD. I would rather urge Mr Gilmour more to focus on his own work rather than living in the past. If he is doing so, he would not start his show with "Dark Side of The Moon" tracks.

It shows his lack of confidence with his own work. The concert DVD itself is actually fine and I think most people would not have any problems digesting the music and the show.

For me personally, nothing is so compelling that I can draw a lesson from this DVD. In fact, I only played it once and no desire to replay the DVD. David has finally come home and even invited us in to take tea in a sense. For arguably the first time in his solo career it feels to me as if I can connect with a complete artist, free of the baggage of that history we all know about.

Neither he nor Roger has ever reached the heights separately that they did together, something no Floyd fan would argue. While there are the obligatory PF songs to placate the many there to see them, this DVD is not a "must for every Floyd fan" that many proclaim, it is a must for every DG fan and for any fan of progressive rock traditional.

Some of the finest moments here do not occur on the most predictable classics, but in the less obvious spaces that David is working hardest to sell. What comes through are moments of incredible poignancy and passion, of sides of DG and even Wright that have long been either hidden or simply not pronounced.

Moments where everything is shed and Cambridge shines through, boyhood is felt, confusion is revealed but so is relief and wisdom. Grief for a recently lost friend is shared. Emotions that may once have been kept hidden are let go. Glances of every color of his art seem to be touched on, and the fact that he stands there so emotionally open and so able to finally connect with many of us who have in the past questioned his post-Waters work sometimes with good reason is not just impressive but is really heartwarming to witness.

That is what really makes this release so impressive to me. They are showing a side beyond past regurgitations of their glory days as fun as they may be that are spectacular and that more than legitimize this release as something beyond "another quasi-Floyd concert. The presentation could not be more perfect. The atmosphere was draped in a darkness which I really like, but with clean, sharp lights alternately breaking through sharply or bathing the band and audience is cloudy dreaminess; in both cases perfectly attuned to the music.

Everything looks great, and the editing is slow but crisp, assuring you never miss anything but not flashing all over like a movie car chase. Everything is captured in the best sound and visual imaginable. The initial Dark Side material came off as clearly the low point to me. I agree with Gatot that the choice to perform this material was wrong and that given the direction of the show there could have been much more effective openers, something more obscure, less obvious, less safe.

And while the valiant attempt to pull off Arnold Layne was certainly daring, I relish the thought that even the most professional musicians with all of their expensive equipment will never capture the pure essence of a young man named Syd, will never capture the wonder of that moment in time.

But set aside my criticisms and those of others and try this DVD. His voice has held up remarkably well over these years, something many of his contemporaries not just Waters sadly cannot say. Beyond just hitting notes his voice has that velvety, comforting warmth it had in his youth, just seasoned a bit more with time. As I mentioned, the material from his new album, performed in full, is quite strong.

And while delivering the concert-ending finale of his screaming Comfortably Numb guitar solo at a deafening roar, he allows a bit of humor to come through by showing something funny in the audience.. This review is entirely a flash impression without many facts about the specifics of the songs or the boatload of extras on disc 2. Others will cover those in greater detail.

While I will always harbor some ill-will towards artistic decisions DG has made regarding the Floyd I have to acknowledge his resilience and the success of this fine moment.

I can understand why some have given it 5 stars, though I will need repeated viewings over a few years to decide if I could proclaim it that. But it is not another piece of unnecessary middle-aged affluent-rock product that we should ignore. With this show Gilmour has left history a fine document to his past, which I appreciate. There must be a high quality video recording somewhere. I wish the two of them could finally get it to the fans who have waited long enough.

Shine On. Watching David deliver this vocal about his old friend Roger Barrett, I thought of what he said in an interview after Syd passed: And I am. Because we were friends. Track Listing - Disc 1. Speak to Me. David Gilmour. Breathe In the Air. Breathe In the Air Reprise. On an Island. The Blue. Red Sky at Night. This Heaven.

Then I Close My Eyes. Robert Wyatt. Take a Beath. A Pocketful of Stones. Where We Start. Shine on You Crazy Diamond. Fat Old Sun. Coming Back to Life. High Hopes. Disc 2 Edit This disc contains the following bonus features: Bonus tracks from the Albert Hall concerts: Uh the Deal? The making of On an Island. Photo Gallery Credits.

This included the tracks: Archived from the original on 17 October Retrieved 9 December Retrieved 26 March Hung Medien. Ultratop in Dutch. Ultratop in French.


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