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Where Go the Boats? Songs that start with X. Both Andress and Eunice Gayson were dubbed by the same actress. Featured Sounds. Shanti Radio Moscow. The Mr.

Songs that start with T. Songs that start with U. Songs that start with V. Songs that start with W. Songs that start with X. Songs that start with Y. News Sign Up Sign In. Kids Songs: Can You Dance Hulla-Baloney? Did You Ever See a Lassie?

Ding Dong! Do Your Ears Hang Low? Good Morning! Have You Ever Been to the Zoo? Have You Heard the Wind? How Far is it to Bethlehem? How Many Days? How Many Miles to Babyland? Lion and His Sneeze Mr. Nobody Mrs. Bernard Lee originally said MI6 during the take, but this has been overdubbed, possibly for fear of offending the real-life organization. In later Bond films, however, clearly works for MI6. He was particularly impressed with the fist fight Connery has with a village bully at the climax of the film.

Broccoli later had his wife Dana Broccoli see the film and confirm his sex appeal. Still, for publicity purposes, there was a contest to find the perfect man to play James Bond.

Six finalists were chosen and screen-tested by Albert R. Broccoli , Harry Saltzman , and Ian Fleming. The winner was a year-old model called Peter Anthony who looked the part, but completely lacked the acting technique to play it.

Lee would later appear as Francisco Scaramanga in the Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun , and would play the character that inspired Fleming to create Dr. No, Dr. Fu Manchu, in several films. Coward turned down the part by replying with a telegram that read, "Dr. The role went to Joseph Wiseman , the only early Bond villain not to have his voice dubbed by another actor. Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli , the original producers of the James Bond films, cast Sean Connery because they liked how he was a big, tough-looking man who nonetheless moved gracefully "like a cat".

Beginning with Goldfinger , the "armorer" would forever be known as "Q" for "Quartermaster". No novel. This detail was included in the novel and later included in this film, establishing part of the Bond legend.

Strangelove or: This confusion mainly arises because Ms. Both Andress and Eunice Gayson were dubbed by the same actress. Although there are persistent rumours that Ursula Andress was naked in the shower scene to clean her of radiation, closer inspection reveals that she is wearing a nude-coloured one-piece swimsuit.

This technique is performed using a series of close-ups of the character without revealing the face, cross-cutting with the other characters in the scene and the gambling table. Finally, the face of the person is revealed, stating his name, "Bond, James Bond.

To get a feel for the clothes, director Terence Young asked Sean Connery to sleep in his finely tailored suit which was purchased at Anthony Sinclair and made for him to play James Bond. The script for the classic scene where Honey emerges from the water read: She is naked except for a wisp.

James Bond. First feature film filmed on location in Jamaica, although the film production crew was British. Jamaica became independent from the United Kingdom on 6 August ; just two months prior to the release of this film. Producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli were adamant that the film be directed by an Englishman, someone cultivated enough to understand the world of Minnie Simpson in Ocho Rios, St.

Ann, Jamaica. Simpson had been a fan of the Ian Fleming James Bond novels. When Bond enters his apartment at the beginning, and finds Sylvia Trench playing golf, she was originally supposed to be nude, but the censors objected to this.

Two weeks before filming was due to start, the part of Honey Ryder was still to be cast. The producers then saw a photograph of a then-unknown Ursula Andress in a wet t-shirt, and offered her the part without even meeting her. Some sources claim that the photograph allegedly featured Andress in a wet t-shirt competition.

Broccoli reportedly thought her breasts were too small. Body Count: Ian Fleming wrote the story of Dr. No in for an episode of a never-produced television series, "James Gunn Secret Agent". Honeychile is the last surviving member of an old sugar plantation family, and was raised by the family servants. The freelance photographer is named Annabel Chung. The Professor was not named Dent and was not a villain. There was no evil chauffeur and no Felix Leiter the latter was in other novels.

The bikini top originally was made from an underwire bra sold from a Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City - Costume Designer Tessa Welborn ordered three of the bras, covering them in cotton, and refining the design. The belt seen in the film was made from a white webbing Army belt, with brass fittings and a scabbard. Location manager Chris Blackwell who was uncredited was later the founder of Island Records.

He is also the son of Blanche Blackwell , who was neighbor, friend, and lover of Ian Fleming. A sequence extracted from the final cut had No forcing Bond to radio Felix Leiter, telling him that he had discovered nothing of any interest on Crab Key in return for a less painful death for both Bond and Ryder. The novel "Dr. The movie scene of Bond getting his Walther is very similar to the corresponding scene in the book.

A deleted scene featured Honey Ryder waiting in her room in the finale, armed with a bottle of booze. When Bond arrives, she collapses into his arms and Bond catches both her and the bottle. With a manly dash, he pops the cork from the bottle with his teeth, takes a good belt, throws the bottle away and sweeps Ryder into his arms, carrying her to safety.

James Bond creator Ian Fleming based the Dragon Tank on a marshlands swamp utility vehicle, with very large wheels, which he had seen in , on the island of Inagua in the Bahamas.

Most types of card games ever seen in a James Bond movie totaling four. Bond is seen playing the latter three. For a long time, this film was tied with Goldfinger as the shortest James Bond movie in the EON Productions official series, with a running time of minutes. Quantum of Solace is now the shortest at minutes. Honey Ryder emerging from the sea is one of the most iconic scenes in the James Bond franchise, and something that Ursula Andress is famed for to this day.

Andress herself admits bewilderment: All I did was wear this bikini - not even a small one - and whoosh! Overnight, I made it. In the original novel, the scene in which Bond escapes "imprisonment" worked a little differently - Dr. No had actually had an obstacle course set up to challenge Bond. At the end of the obstacle course there was a seaside cage, with a giant squid inside. The film altered and toned down all of this, and the "obstacle course" idea got lost in the translation from novel to film.

In the following scene, a sequence involving Honey Rider being tied to the ground and attacked by a swarm of crabs was scrapped because many of the crustaceans arrived frozen, dead and damaged. In the film as shown, water was the threat instead.

Furthermore, when art director Syd Cain found out his name was not in the credits, Albert R. Broccoli gave him a golden pen to compensate, saying that he did not want to spend money making the credits again. John Stears was asked to help with the miniatures. In the next Bond outing, Stears took over as special effects supervisor.

There is a longstanding rumor that in the early drafts of the script, Dr. No turned out to be a monkey. When first approached by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman , screenwriters Wolf Mankowitz and Richard Maibaum discarded most of the source material and wrote a story treatment about a shipping magnate called Buchwald attempting to blow up the Panama Canal. Groove Culture.

Intr0beatz , Cody Currie. Moment Cinetique. Ondule Recordings. Confident Journey Remixes. Martin Eyerer , Craig Walker. Sounds Of Berlin Remastered. Nacim Ladj. Steven Legrand. Houseworx Sessions. Moog Boy. Techno , Tech House. Techno , Hard Dance. House , Tech House. Tech House , EDM. EDM , Future House.

New On Beatport. Mixmag Presents Teddy Pendergrass: DJ Charts. Brain Tornado Original Mix Dimmish e1even records. Top Ten Releases Exclusive.


Music In My Mind - Kay 9 - Music In My Mind / Whos In The House? (Vinyl), Mind On My Man - Carly Simon - Hotcakes (8-Track Cartridge, Album), Try My Love [Mono] - Various - Play The Game - The XL And Sounds Of Memphis Story Vol. 2 (CD), Richard Skinner Intro - Duran Duran - BBC In Concert 1989 (CD)

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